Maharaja_Ganga_SinghSri Ganganagar is located near the borders of Punjab, Haryana & Pakistan. It is a well planned and amongst the more attractive cities of India. It has been named after the Indian emperor Maharaja Ganga Singh Bahadur. It is also known as the Green District of Rajasthan and Food basket of this part of India. This city is located from where the Sutlej River enters the Rajasthan.
Earlier, it was a part of Bahawalpur State. However, it has large unguarded area, which was seen by Hindu Mal who was the companion of Maharaja Ganga Bahadur. He changed the posts along with boundaries.


Now, the city is well connected with the other parts of the India through well planned air and railway systems. People from various parts of the globe come to enjoy the historical values of this city. Due to its location, this city experiences extreme weather conditions.


In summer, the temperature may go up to 50 degree Celsius whereas in winters, it may go down to 0 degree Celsius. It must be noted that the dessert part of this city was converted into green land by the efforts of Maharaja Ganga Bahadur. These days, its economy is based on its agricultural land.